Much the same as the hair on our head experiences shedding cycles, so do our lashes. Does the lash shedding cycle proceed when you have lash augmentations, you inquire?

skincaretips-for-long-eyelashes-640x425 Indeed, it does. It's vital to know precisely what the lash shedding cycle is, the reason it happens and how it impacts lash expansions – and we will impart the greater part of this to you beneath!

Characteristic eyelashes develop in and drop out in cycles, which happens each 60 to 90 days.


Each hair on our body takes after a particular development cycle, including our eyelashes. This is a three-stage development cycle, which you can take in more about here.

All hairs, including eyelashes, supplant themselves like clockwork.

The normal individual loses up to 20% of their characteristic lashes like clockwork and new hair development is consistent.

Ever seen how it appears like your hair sheds additionally amid specific seasons? The same is valid for your lashes. This is called 'regular shedding' and you can read more about this process here.


At the point when a characteristic lash develops and drops out, another lash has just been developing and rapidly replaces the fallen lash. The greater part of us doesn't see this procedure.

At any given minute our regular lashes are at various phases of development. Some are simply beginning to develop in, while others are prepared to shed.

Individuals normally shed in the vicinity of 1 and 5 common lashes every day, contingent upon their individual development cycles.

When eyelashes are stretched out with quality expansions (like we use here at The Lash Lounge), it will be more discernible when these lashes shed since they are longer and darker than your common lashes. With or without augmentations, the shedding procedure is splendidly ordinary.

The shedding cycle is a sound piece of the hair development process and ought not to be a reason to worry.

When a prepared beautician applies an arrangement of lash extensions,  one engineered lash is appended to one normal lash.  You will see that when your regular lash sheds – so go the lash augmentation.

In the event that a lash hair is culled or hauled out before it is normally prepared to shed, it will take somewhat longer to become back because of the hair follicle expecting to run its typical course