Yuui Commes Des Garcons Lede 1024x576 - Yuui, Makeup Artist Reinterprets Comme Des Garçons Logo With Makeup

Reinterpreting the Comme Des Garçons Logo With Makeup

When we consider editorial makeup, seldom do we get to consolidate design and magnificence together as when the elucidation is this exacting. A well-known cosmetics craftsman and all-around inventive virtuoso Yuui Vision did just that. She took the Commes Des Garçons Play logo and transforming it into face paint. The price tags for the brand may be high, but this was a creative way to get in on the company's subtle cheekiness.

The adorable heart faces aren't that difficult to paint, that is, if you have a steady hand and the right supplies. Yuui utilized the Kryolan Aquacolor 6-Color Palette, which contains every one of the hues required for this look.

When it comes to the tools you'll need, you'll first require a small and stiff eyeliner brush for the first illustration. "Use a detail paintbrush, available at art supply stores," Yuui Yuui recommends, this is also a great way to find yourself someone of a kind cosmetic brush.



Yuui illustrated a red heart in favor of her sanctuary, making a point to paint the eyes previously filling in the red heart. "Test some strokes with your paintbrush on back of your hand to test and find the desirable wetness of the brush to paint with precision," she states. You could apparently treat it like you would any gel liner.

After completing two hearts — one red and one dark — Yuui made a perfect eyeshadow look by utilizing the white shade in the palette and delicately mixed everywhere throughout the cover with a fleecy eyeshadow brush. She at that point ran over it with a dark fluid liner, characterizing her lash line.

The final product: a lively look that toes the line between cutting edge and art. Apparently, it just looks more complicated to complete than actually is. What's more, in case you're touchy about illustrating a symmetrical heart partially over your real eye, placement is all up to you — be your amazing creative self!

Adorable, yes?