best eyelashes for halloween - The Top 20 Fake Eyelashes That Will Make Any Halloween Costume Complete!

Halloween will be here before you know it!

It's time to start thinking of your sexy costume and makeup concepts. Do you understand what the most fun part of Halloween makeup is? For me, it's using crazy Halloween phony eyelashes!

Halloween is every beauty junkie's favorite holiday due to the mass amount of makeup looks we can play with.

This scary season, try raising your outfit to the next level by incorporating false lashes into your appearance.

Whether you're going as a black swan, sexy kitty, or disco star, there is a set of over-the-top lashes that will fit your costume requires.

If you're brand-new to false lashes, Halloween is the perfect time to try them out. Utilize our handy guide to make sure they remain on all night and then read on to find the perfect falsies for your costume.


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Struggling with preparing your clothing for All Hallows' Eve? Here's a thought: Try ditching a costume all together. Sometimes your best option is an all-black clothing and a sensational statement accessory.

Toss on some glittering eyeshadow to compliment your festive fringe or include these lashes on an actual costume to take it to the next level.

I mean, it's the one holiday you can go for it with your makeup. Why not finish your look with some incredible lashes! Here are a few of the best Halloween fake eyelashes I've found.

BLACK FALSE EYELASHES FOR HALLOWEEN 150x150 - The Top 20 Fake Eyelashes That Will Make Any Halloween Costume Complete!BLACK Synthetic EYELASHES FOR HALLOWEEN

If your Halloween makeup doesn't call for anything too vibrant in the lash department, you can select basic black lashes. Nevertheless, the style of lash could be a bit more significant than what you may typically use!

lookbook halloween lashes update Unicorn Babe 150x150 - The Top 20 Fake Eyelashes That Will Make Any Halloween Costume Complete!COLORFUL Artificial EYELASHES FOR HALLOWEEN

If black is too plain Jane for you, then you may wish to experiment with some colorful phony eyelashes this Halloween. Go ahead and have some enjoyable lady!

spiderweb eyelashes 150x150 - The Top 20 Fake Eyelashes That Will Make Any Halloween Costume Complete!SPIDER WEB EYELASHES FOR HALLOWEEN

Have you ever attempted spiderweb eyelashes? No? Then you need to this year! They are a lot enjoyable, and this is the only time of the year you can rock them!

most wanted halloween lashes Eye of the Tiger 150x150 - The Top 20 Fake Eyelashes That Will Make Any Halloween Costume Complete!GLITTER FALSE EYELASHES FOR HALLOWEEN

Shine makes everything fun, does not it? If your Halloween makeup consists of shine on your face and you want to keep the theme going, then why not try some glitter false eyelashes!

FEATHER FALSE EYELASHES FOR HALLOWEEN 150x150 - The Top 20 Fake Eyelashes That Will Make Any Halloween Costume Complete!FEATHER FALSE EYELASHES FOR HALLOWEEN

Who says your lashes need to be made of hair? If you want something cool, you may wish to attempt some false feather eyelashes this Halloween.

RHINESTONE FALSE EYELASHES FOR HALLOWEEN 150x150 - The Top 20 Fake Eyelashes That Will Make Any Halloween Costume Complete!RHINESTONE Fake EYELASHES FOR HALLOWEEN

If you like a little bling, then I've got some Halloween fake eyelashes for you too. These are excellent if you do not desire extremely crazy lashes, however would still like a little something extra.

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Halloween is just around the corner!


You've probably already started to prepare your Halloween home decorations, Halloween foods and drinks, already know what costumes and masks you're going to wear, what hairstyles to rock on the spookiest night of the year.

But as a fashionista, don’t forget your must-have chic nail art designs! Plus, your costume won’t be complete without a holiday-themed manicure! They would be an extraordinary fashion element to add to your Halloween party!

DIY Halloween nails are much easier than you think and you'll have tons of fun doing them.

But the cost at nail salons is always super expensive. Instead of getting your nails done at salons to pop your outfit, you can save a lot of money making your own gorgeous Halloween nails at home. You can draw anything spooky, cute, funny or scary using the power of colors from the nail polishes in your collection as you like.


20+ Do-It-Yourself Spooktacular Halloween Designs for Your Nails


For fashion stylists, Halloween also means the celebration of cool nail design ideas by wearing amazing nail art during Halloween. Here we have collected some fantastic ways to do your own fabulous Halloween manicure with step-by-step tutorials for Halloween celebration. Take a look at these awesome Halloween manicure tips and tricks! Don't be scared to get more creative for your own Halloween nail designs. Send us pics!

A Brief History of Halloween

Halloween, fantasy and folklore of all Hallows, is a Christianized feast initially influenced by Celtic harvest festivals and celebrated on the evening of October 31st, which is the evening before the Christian feast of All Saint’s Day. Typical Halloween activities include dressing costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires. Some celebrate by telling scary stories or watching spooky movies.

mcdonalds eyebrows goldenarches beautybyelenax 7 - Troll Alert:  The Hilarious New McDonalds Eyebrow Fad

Huda Kattan Does "McDonald's Eye-Brows" to Troll Strange Eyebrow Craze

In the past month alone, I've witnessed way too many wacky brow "fads"-- assuming that youcan, in fact, call them that-- to keep track of.

Let's see, and there was the squiggle brow, the dragon brow, the barbwire brow, and then most recently, the braided brow.
While I'm over here thinking ~ WHY!?!? It seems Huda Kattan is right there with me.

She might just be a few steps ahead.


The beauty mogul took to her Instagram Wednesday night, to reveal a hilarious satire in which she attempts a new brow trend referred to as, "McDonald's brows." In the mock tutorial, Kattan goes over a few of the previously mentioned eyebrow trends we've found in the last few weeks, before saying the McDonald's brow is her favorite to date. (Okay, Huda, I see you.).

She then dives into the how-to part of the segment, explaining that, before drawing the notorious McDonald's arches (get it?) with an eyebrow pen, you should completely cover your natural brows with a glue stick or powder foundation. Peep the full video for a good laugh, or perhaps some early Halloween inspiration?


A post shared by Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) on

" This is the last look-- I feel like I could go from McDonald's to like, a rabbit," Kattan jokes, mimicking a bunny-like motion. She is most definitely mocking the "trend," as she includes outtakes from the video where she's laughing and joking with whoever is behind the camera. She concludes the tutorial by saying she really hopes this is the last brow trend we see for a while-- and needless to say, I agree.

McDonald's Eyebrows Trend Will Deep Fry Your Faith In Mankind.

Eagerly waiting for McDonald's to weigh in on this catastrophe. Exactly when we were foolishly, optimistically convinced that we could not fall any further down the rabbit's hole of humanity gone horribly wrong ... we're served this steaming, diligently prepared pile of WTF. What on earth are these young ladies thinking?



revered eyeASHES 263x300 - Fashion Flip?  Wearing Your Fake Eyelashes Backwards is the NEW Trend!

Putting on your fake eyelashes backwards is the awkward new craze sweeping the internet!

The internet loves a bizarre beauty trend. From glow in the dark hair to micro-needling facials, we've seen it all at this point.

Or at least we thought we had seen it all, and then the reverse falsies trend came along and now we're just plain confused.


Yep, it's backward false eyelashes that everyone's talking about this week after makeup artist Pablo Rodriguez took to Instagram to show off an easy way to give yours a simple high fashion update.


If you're tired of having the same terrifically dull human-looking eyelashes as everybody else, makeup artist Pablo Rodriguez (@pablo_rodriguez_makeup) has you covered. He came up with a quick new way to apply false lashes that is so oddly stunning you're going to be mad you didn't think of it first.

As you've probably thought by now, it primarily involves applying individual lashes in reverse so you affix them using what might usually be the tips. The resulting look is a perfect type of spidery, Twiggy-style clumped lashes.



Overall it's a very ethereal sort of style, but we suppose it'll look pretty ace during the winter months and party season, so might be worth trying out if you like to be a little different.

Instead of applying lashes the usual way with the root glued to the lid-- he put them on backward. So the result is absolutely Alien-Chic!

The out-of-the-box application produces a geometric spidery look that's unquestionably unique.

To do it, just apply glue to the lash tips, then stick them to your own lash line like usual.

For extra drama make like Pablo and leave the brows natural but brushed up and out with some clear gel to add volume.  The minute they're dry, go ahead and bat your eyes like the queen of weirdness you are.

Tired of utilizing eyelash styler and putting on layers of mascara yet you would prefer not to put on falsies or Eyelash Extensions? Wouldn't it be marvelous if your genuine lashes can give you that impact without all the problem? Experiment with the Keratin Lash Lift and Semi-Permanent Mascara at Beauty Recipe.

In spite of the fact that I adore cosmetics, I'm not by any means a devotee of falsies. I discover they look too substantial to me yet in the meantime, I've generally wished to have a more voluminous, fluttery set of lashes. I thought of getting Eyelash Extensions, however, the aftercare and month to month upkeep is simply an excess of work for a bustling young lady. So I got super energized when I heard that Beauty Recipe is putting forth the Lash Lifting administration in Singapore which is tremendous in the US and Europe!

What is Keratin Lash Lift?Image result for eyeLash Lift

Keratin Lash Lift is a propel plan eyelash improvement system done by utilizing a setting serum that takes into consideration culminate situating of the lashes to rectify your normal lashes at the root influencing them to look twisted. Your lashes are then tinted and obscure with color imbuement keratin supporting and molding that coats and shield the lash from harm influencing them to look sound and polished. It doesn't include any unforgiving chemicals (no parabens or formaldehyde) and endures up to 12 weeks.

Keeps going: 12weeks

Length: 30mins

Cost: Around $79

What is Semi-Permanent Mascara?

Semi-Permanent Mascara is a progressive lash covering figured to open up your eyes in a split second and influences your lashes to look twofold of tripled in volume and length that goes on for a month. Pharmaceutical review adaptable lash covering with a comparative impact to that of mascara that is smirch confirmation and waterproof. Semi-Permanent Mascara is hypoallergenic which is extremely ok for the eyes. Free of Formaldehyde, Analine, Carcinogens and Heavy Metals. It can be utilized for upper and lower lashes and over Eyelash Extensions. Semi-Permanent Mascara should be possible with Keratin Lash Lift Protect. Keratin Lash Lift Protect will give the semi-perpetual mascara more volume and twist.

Keeps going: 4weeks

Span: 30mins

Costs:  Around $39

The entire procedure was totally easy and just took 1hour altogether for both the Keratin Lash Lift and utilization of the Semi-Permanent Mascara. I had my eyes shut all through so I could rest too from that extremely riotous morning of errands.


Be delicate with your lashes; do whatever it takes not to rub your eyes for some time.

Try not to get your lashes wet for the initial 6 hours.

Try not to utilize eye-cosmetics for the following 6 hours.

Dodge waterproof mascaras for 24 hours.

Swimming ought to be dodged for no less than 24 hours.

No other facial magnificence medicines for 24 hours.

Try not to utilize unforgiving items on your eyes/lashes.

Utilization of Sauna/Steam is conceivable after 48hrs yet may debilitate the impact of the lift.

Wash your face regularly, yet should avoid overwhelming eye creams or slick items.

Look everybody – no cosmetics! I don't need to utilize an eyelash styler or mascara! The best part is that there's no requirement for upkeep at all once you've passed the 24hours stamp. You can simply ahead and keep running for your marathons, Zumba, swim, get on with your solid way of life, rub your eyes and rest look down. Thump yourselves out! I'm super glad and in affection with my new lashes, I will not miss my eyelash styler and smudgy mascara.



Kat Von D's Divine Collection is Here and the Swatches are Amazing!

All things considered, how might we not be when Kat Von D's long-awaited Heavenly Gathering — a tribute to the notorious drag ruler — is at long last here?

So far we've just gotten sees all over of the high-voltage collab, which accompanies a swoon-commendable, seven-dish eyeshadow palette and another Studded Kiss Lipstick encased in lime green bundling. Presently we're coming at you with actual swatches so you can perceive what the hyper-pigmentated shades look like in the tissue, which I'll reveal to you now, will just influence you to need to have the accumulation in your grasp more. The lipstick, a bare peach tone, is ideal for any day wear or a night on the town with a bold eye — which is the place the shadow palette comes in. With hues like shimmering royal-blue, lime green, stark white, and aqua, there's fundamentally no chance you can't make a rebel look with it.

KVD%2520Divine%2520Palette%2520Lede - Kat Von D's Divine Collection is here!Look at the swatches for yourself, underneath found in an Instagram post from excellence account Trendmood1 and all alone Instagram, and after that set those schedule updates since it's all available since February 14. Happy Valentine's day, marvels.

Spring is crawling nearer, which implies fresh blossoms, longer days, and, gracious no doubt, a novelty from the widely adored cosmetics head honcho. Kat Von D. As you may know, Von D has been prodding her forthcoming Awesome accumulation, which is a tribute to the unbelievable drag ruler, Divine, for around three months now. Along these lines, typically, we've all been kicking the bucket to know when we can authoritatively get our hands on it.

Fortunately, the day is at long last here, and it turns out the gathering is coming sooner than we anticipated. The brand took its Instagram on January 23, to declare when the line would dispatch on the web, and also when it would be accessible around the globe. Come February 14, the Awesome accumulation, which incorporates its Studded Kiss Lipstick in lime-green bundling and a seven-skillet eyeshadow palette, will drop online — and that is online just — at katvondbeauty.com. (Now that is motivation to anticipate Valentine's Day).

Around two weeks after the fact, on February 23, the gathering will hit retires in the U.S. what's more, Canada. Tragically, whatever remains of the world should hold up until some other time in the year to catch the long-awaited line. As it dispatches in Spain, France, Italy, and Scandinavia on May 18; Ireland and the U.K. on March 7; Mexico on February 18; and Australia, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia on March 1.

No word yet on whether the accumulation will be accessible in Sephora stores, so starting at now, I would count on getting it either on the web. Obviously, prepare those wallets for one celestial (sad, I needed to) accumulation.

At the point when a super stunner big shot like Kat Von D respects one of her greatest dreams with their one of a kind palette, we tune in up. Furthermore, when she uncovers a sneak look of the said muse-propelled palette on Instagram, we're prepared our wallets.

Von D isn't known for nuance — her best manifestations are intense, boisterous, and straight up game-changing. Notwithstanding basically being renegade cosmetics, every last bit of her items are without pitilessness — what tops off an already good cake.

With what feels like a consistent stream of commendable clique dispatches (matte fluid liner, super constrained release shades of her as of now consideration getting liquid lipstick) it's difficult to pick which one to get most amped up for. The new palette she simply prodded on Instagram is unquestionably a contender.

Roused by performing artist, recording star, and global drag symbol Divine, the Awesome Palette is coming in February to shake your reality. As per a post on Instagram where we get a decent take a gander at the inevitable palette, Divine is one of Von D's greatest dreams, so you know this one will be great.

The seven-shade palette is as intense as you'd expect, given its pixie adoptive parent. The seven-shade palette is as stunning as you’d expect, given its fairy godmother. There’s Babs, subtle shimmery champagne.

Hard Magic, enchanting deep charcoal; Baltimore, sparkly cobalt. Filthy, a glam glimmery shade of black. Pink Flamingos, a shocking hue of acid green. Female Trouble, an icy matte white. Lastly, there's Hairspray, an incredible showstopper made with high-octane silver glitter.

Phew! That is a considerable measure of consideration getting power in one palette. To finish everything off, it would appear that there will likewise be a going with lipstick with the dispatch. Despite the fact that the deep dusty rose shade looks quite coy, the corrosive green tube is an unmistakable allurement.


We needed to investigate crisp approaches to wear shimmer in the new year. What's more, cosmetics craftsman Emi Kaneko positively conveyed with the freshness. She broke out unforeseen materials (pearls and paillettes) and played around with arrange

glitter makeup

ment (rainbow sparkle circling the eyes and dashes of shine looking out behind lashes). The accompanying nine glittery cosmetics looks aren't the gleam of sweetness and pixies. It's confident, possibly somewhat subversive — and every create an impression with each flicker.

glitter makeupValuable Metals


A sheer layer of platinum over the covers and silver sparkle through the temples gives us genuine '80s

vibes without feeling dated.

Used for this look (Left):

Revlon ColorStay Crème Eyeshadow in Earl Gray, $8.49
and Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Crème in Cashmere Crème, $9.99

This is the one time it's OK to go for silver (or bronze).

Used for this look (Right):

L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Petite Perle, $5.99, glitter makeupand L'Oréal Paris Color Riche lipstick in Glossy Fawn, $9.99


Revlon ColorStay Crème Eyeshadow in Praline, $8.49


The Perfect Paillettes

Silver eyes, delicate lips, can't lose. This is a perfect look for just about any occasion! Simple and beautiful!

Used for this look (Right):

Lancôme Grandiôse Liner in Silver Snow, $32
Lancôme Rouge in Love lipstick in Delicate Lace, $29

glitter makeup

Eye Power

Metallic cosmetics exists on a range. Toward one side, tops layered with numerous

metals for sultry dramatization.

glitter makeup



With these two gorgeous looks, you can't go wrong no matter what you choose or what you wear!

Used for this look(Left):


Yves Saint Laurent Full Metal Shadow in Dewy Gold, $30 , and Yves Saint Laurent Full Metal Shadow in Taupe Drop, $30

A bit of deliberately put sparkle for a wink.


glitter makeupMineral Spirit

Whoever said sparkle was for evening was simply off-base. Wrong, off-base. Go overwhelming and keep the garments impartial.

Used for this look:

Nars Hardwired Eyeshadow in Parallax, $26, Nars Hardwired Eyeshadow in Stud, $26,
and Nars Audacious Mascara, $26.glitter makeup

Rainbow Bright

A sprinkling of multi-hued sparkle around the eyes makes an energetic, kaleidoscope impact.

glitter makeupStriking in Beige

A decent cosmetics dependable guideline: If you can wear it with an earthen-toned short suit, you can wear it with anything.

Crisp Pearlsglitter makeup

On the off chance that Jane Austen were a cosmetics craftsman: unadulterated, unbridled sentiment.

Used for this look:

Chanel Stylo Sourcils Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil in Brun Clair, $33, and Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo Lipshine in Script, $37.


Image result for marble lipsIf you enjoyed the body marbling trend, wait till you see this new makeup trend that we just can’t get enough of – marble lips!

The new trend is flying up all finished Instagram with huge amounts of various cosmetics specialists marbling on their sulk. Some are influencing a fundamental white and dark marble to impact, while others are taking it to the following level with hues like purple or blue. Acing the marble look may appear to be troublesome, however, it’s in reality truly simple. You should simply cover your lips with a base of your picked shading, at that point apply irregular strokes of different hues with a fine brush – as Suuz Brouwer demonstrated us in her instructional exercise beneath.

Marble LipsMarble Lips 

Related imageCosmetics straight from the stars.

We’ve taken in the best sex position and wines for our zodiac signs. Forget checking your Horoscope. Presently, there’s a gathering of cosmetics hopes to supplement your crystal gazing image. Toronto-based cosmetics craftsman Setareh Hosseini made twelve zodiac-enlivened looks, and the web is cracking out.Instagram cosmetics master Setareh Hosseini has consolidated magnificence and soothsaying to create unusual, other-common searches for every Zodiac sign, and we can’t choose which one is the fiercest.

Setareh, who passes by the username starlit_makeup, is a Toronto-based proficient cosmetics craftsman with more than 90-thousand adherents on Instagram. Her Zodiac Related imagearrangement has turned out to be exceptionally prevalent, as she utilizes an assortment of systems to make each look more sensible than the last, from counterfeit horns to penciled spots.

Before you get all energized, these looks aren’t anything but difficult to reproduce. A portion of the zodiac makeovers incorporate overstated winged eyeliner and noteworthy forming. Along these lines, you’ll require some genuine abilities to nail everyone. Be that as it may, regardless of whether you’re a novice, you can, in any case, take motivation from Hosseini’s elaborate plans.

Hosseini’s star sign elucidations are beautiful spot on. Each look consummately encapsulates the soul of its planning sign. It would seem that the cosmetics craftsman additionally knows some things about hair. In one of the photographs she’s wearing a voluminous bouffant, and in another, she’s shaking a favor braid.

What’s your sign? Tell us in the comments, and let us know whether you would attempt any of these sharp outlines for your makeup.

Related image


Optical-illusion-make-up-mimi-choiCosmetics are generally utilized for slightly changing a person’s usual look; however, some really understand its actual potential. Mimi Choi from Vancouver, Canada is one of them. She is a 31-year-old cosmetics craftsman who makes serious hyperreal optical figments, and her astonishing work has earned Mimi 274,000 supporters on Instagram.

Before finding cosmetics artistry, Mimi prepared as an instructor and worked in a pre-school for a long time. “I felt like my inventiveness was stifled. I appreciated educating yet I wasn’t totally cheerful,” she said. “I required another test.” After leaving the classroom, she began exploring different avenues regarding her cosmetics brushes at home.

“I’ve generally been dilettantish and had done wedding cosmetics sometime recently, which individuals extremely preferred. I had not done anything as insane as the work I do now, however.” Enlisting at a neighborhood wonder school truly helped Mimi to take her abilities higher than ever. In any case, things truly took off when Halloween was practically around the bend. “I needed to accomplish something other than what’s expected for October 31, so I observed on Instagram and found a photograph of a lady, who resembled her face had broken.”

“I’d never attempted any sort of insane make-up on myself. However, I just got out my highly contrasting eyeliner and gave it a go.” And the rest is history.

Choi does her incredible work through amazingly understanding the viewpoint, making three dimensionalities on a level surface. She controls cosmetics like a craftsman utilizes his paint and places shadows onto her body to create a unique look on her skin that either pops out or retreats once more into the body.

Optical-illusion-make-up-mimi-choiOptical-illusion-make-up-mimi-choiOptical-illusion-make-up-mimi-choiOptical-illusion-make-up-mimi-choiWoman Gives Up Teaching To Create Optical Illusions With Makeup, And It's Messing With Our MindsOptical-illusion-make-up-mimi-choi


LED eyelashes 1 300x200 - LED Eyelash Extensions!?!?Another sort of false lashes is coming, and you’ve never observed anything like it… Make proper acquaintance with F. Lashes!

In some cases, you see an item, and you’re similar to “Goodness, that is so cutting edge.” At that point you recall that you’re living in 2018, 21 years after the date that an aware AI wiped out a large portion of humanity in the first Terminator film, so you think: “Huh, possibly we’re living in the future as of now.” So it is with these astounding eyelashes.

They’re called f.lashes, and they’re the formation of planner Tien Pham, who initially demonstrated them off at Producer Faire prior this year. Empowered by the response he got, Pham has now propelled a Kickstarter to make his wearable hardware into a business item and has just pulled in more than twofold his $40,000 target.

F.lashes are minor pieces of LEDs that you adhere to your eyelids with lash cement.

There is an irritating, massive controller and an interfacing wire you need to conceal someplace (best wager: in your hair), however, once that is set up, the impact is astonishing. The f.lashes come in seven distinct hues and light up in different examples because of your developments.LED eyelash extensions 300x300 - LED Eyelash Extensions!?!?

It’s a perfect item, however not accurately prepared for the mainstream. (That wire will pester an excessive number of individuals.) Expect to see it at clubs and celebrations in the first place, places where setting aside somewhat more opportunity to get spruced up is about as good anyone might expect. At that point, when a future company or design drops the wire, we trust they’ll go standard. At that point, in an additional 20 years time, they’ll be retro.

More often than not, false lashes can give you length and volume, yet now… they can likewise influence you to sparkle! F. Lashes are fundamentally what the name says – conspicuous lashes. Made by originator Tien Pham, these false lashes are put on with eyelash stick, much the same as any others, however, what makes them diverse is that they sparkle.

Made with real LEDs, the lashes come in pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow and green, and they have distinctive modes, including parchment, move, and shimmer, that can be exchanged by the snap of a catch. How precisely do they function?

“They are controlled by a watch battery and will last up to 4 hours,” Pham says. “

I needed to keep them lightweight because the controller is connected to the back of your head by barrettes. There ARE thin wires that interface with every eyelash, except they are almost imperceptible unless somebody is near you.” And if you’re pondering – the light isn’t blinding. “Truth be told, I regularly can’t tell I have them turned on,” Pham says.



[amazon_link asins=’B074TFGFMF,B074N3RPZM,B074J31NPS,B075GG639P,B074FVMFP4,B075YV8RB3,B074V3KMJD,B0747F8FXN,B077SVL6GT’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’LOF’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’dcb493dc-0952-11e8-81e3-c12965030dd5′]

[amazon_link asins=’B074TFGFMF’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’LOF’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’26f7a7a2-0953-11e8-92c9-bdc9324f6ba6′]

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