LED Lashes?!
Another sort of false lashes is coming, and you’ve never observed anything like it… Make proper acquaintance with F. Lashes! Read more.
Grow Longer Eyelashes – Natural Solutions For Eyelash Development
If you want to grow longer eyelashes, however, don’t have deep pockets and don’t want to make a trip to Read more.
Simple Ways to Get Long Eyelashes
So here are some straightforward approaches to develop long eyelashes without depending on costly salon methods. Brushing Why it works: Read more.
7 Fascinating Tips That Will Have Your Lashes On Fleek
The part of our face that we pay the most attention to when using makeup is our eyes. Here are Read more.
Eyelash Extensions, For Your Nose?!
Alright, here is the deal. I believe that the makeup is truly an art form. I adore creating all kinds Read more.
Amazon’s Magnetic Lashes
Amazon has some mystery magnificence treasure troves and found in one of them was this four-piece set of Websun 3D Read more.
5 Professional Tips for Choosing Eyelash-Extension Mascara
Have you ever wondered if you can use mascara with your eyelash extensions? Are you between fills and just have Read more.
The Most Beautiful Magnetic Lashes
I used to be the friend who might have a line outside her room just before a sorority formal, with every Read more.
$1,300 Worth Of Makeup Destroyed
Brittney Nelson, a mother and cosmetics craftsman from Augusta, Georgia, as of late went to her neighborhood Sephora. However, as Read more.
The Most Horrifying Eyelash Extensions-Gone-Wrong Story Ever!
Unless you’ve been blessed with tarantula eyelashes that might warrant their own Discovery Channel episode, you have most likely believed Read more.
Marble Lips?
If you enjoyed the body marbling trend, wait till you see this new makeup trend that we just can’t get Read more.
New Makeup trends for 2018
We trust you’re not tired of sparkle yet— because 2018 is ready to be the time of all-fabulous everything. Gold Read more.
DIY Mascara?
So you just entirely came up short on mascara. Your tube is no longer at the point where it’s at Read more.
World’s Longest Eyelashes
When you consider the excellently related Guinness World Records, those inconceivably long, wavy fingernails most likely ring a bell. In Read more.
Teacher Quits to Do Makeup Full Time
Cosmetics are generally utilized for slightly changing a person’s usual look; however, some really understand its actual potential. Mimi Choi Read more.
Makeup based on your zodiac sign
Cosmetics straight from the stars. We’ve taken in the best sex position and wines for our zodiac signs. Forget checking Read more.
The 18 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Eyelash Extensions
1. What Are Eyelash Extensions? Eyelash Extensions are individual hairs of synthetic fibers made to duplicate a natural eyelash. When Read more.
Coldest Place On Earth, Where Eyelashes Freeze
In this remote station in Siberia, the being cold is no little issue. Eyelashes solidify, frostbite is a consistent peril Read more.
Before Getting Magnetic Lashes
When I initially found out about One Two Beauty care products’ astute fake eyelash, One Two Lash, I quickly needed Read more.
Lady Has Itchy Red Eyes For 2 Years Prior To Physicians Inform Her She Has Hundreds Of Eyelash Mites
A Chinese woman who sought treatment for her itchy eyes was found to have more than 100 parasites living in Read more.
Men Respond To Fake EyeLashes
Jade Zanatta, 18, is an understudy at the College of Victoria, and a genius and defender of wearing false eyelashes.  Read more.
The Most Common Misconceptions about Eyelash Extensions
There are a lot of misconceptions out there about eyelash extensions — from it being an unpleasant process to the Read more.



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